Don’t give me big stories

Like the ones you see on TV

Give me your small stories

The ones that no-one sees.


Give me the song your mother sang

To get you off to sleep

Give me the things you gave away

And those you tried to keep.


Give me the scuffed-up school shoes

Give me the tiny socks

The photo you have of your grandma

In her prettiest, prettiest frock.


Give me the letter you tore to shreds

But then kept under your bed

Give me the very first lie you told

Give me all the thoughts in your head.


Give me the name and the colour

Of your very first very own pet

Give me your earliest memory

Give me your greatest regret.


Give me the time she called you Dave

When really your name is Chris

Tell me the way you felt

When you had your very first kiss.


Give me your song in the shower

Give me your secret shame

Give me your hopes for the future

Give me your first nickname.


Give me the words you didn’t say

And all the ones you did

Tell me the times you ran away

Show me the places you hid.


Tell me the way that her arms felt

When she held them around you each night

Give me the taste of your tears

When you failed after trying

With all

With all

With all

Your might.