For Becky and Chris


It’s got to be one about a wedding today

One for the bride and groom

But it’s almost impossible to capture

Exactly what went on in that room.


I tried to notice everything

‘Cause it’s what writers do –

Capture all the details

Right down to the pageboy’s shoes.


I made notes in the getting-ready room

Tried to remember that song they were singing

And how the bride said they all looked gorgeous:

‘I’d be well gutted if you looked minging!’


I can tell you how they laughed at the altar

When they both tripped over their names

I can tell you of how when she walked down the aisle

Me and mum were thinking the same.

(Remember the day she was born?)


I can tell you about the beautiful dress, how the sun shone on the snow

I can tell you about the candy cart

But I really don’t think I can capture

All the things that went on in our hearts.


And all the words that were spoken

Were beautiful, heartfelt and true

But I cannot tell you the way we all felt when the groom

Said, ‘I’m just happy to be marrying you.’


At the end of the day, when it was done

And the mother of the bride had taken off her hat

(And the father of the bride was asleep)

The photographers had an idea.


We wrote the word ‘LOVE’ across the sky in sparkler script

And we made sure we captured that.