Foolish piñata

So proud to be invited to the party

He has no idea what’s coming.


I don’t think he knows that in Tesco

They sell him right alongside

The bat to beat him with.


And a blindfold that baffled us

What do we do with that?

(Visions of sugared-up 8-year-olds blindly swinging a bat

at the lamp, the bookcase, the TV, the cat.)


‘Let’s blindfold him,’ you said,

‘So he won’t know what’s going to happen.’

You said you’d take the first shot.

Make sure you knocked him out.

So he wouldn’t know.


So he wouldn’t know.

And though today you whacked away with the rest of them

Savage in your glee

I remembered what you’d said

And I’m proud of the man, my baby, you’re growing up to be.


(But there will be times, too, when I’ll shield your eyes

From things I don’t want you to see.


Like that a hundred years ago today

Your mother sat on a hospital bed

Full as a gun with love and so alone

Her eyes shut tight.

So she wouldn’t know.

So she wouldn’t know.)