For Cathy

When we run around Dovestone, there’s a lot for us two to discuss.

We need to find answers to all the questions we have

and all those our children ask us.


Like what’s the meaning of meaning?

Or the opposite of infinity?

What’s ‘Negative Capability’?

And anyway, what’s the meaning of life?


And how to define magic realism?

Is it just another way of seeing

the extraordinary in every ordinary,

the glorious wonder of being?


That cup of tea you get when you’ve just given birth –

we agreed is like nothing on earth –

but could that hold the key?

Or is it the way the moon shines on the lake

as though it’s doing it just for me?


Six miles later, somewhere between the sky

and the mud that was up to our knees,

these two slow-running fast-talkers had

properly sorted the wood from the trees.