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Forget your Valentine reds –

the lights were all green on the way here today

and I just want to say:


Man that cut me up on the White City roundabout: I love you.

Cheeky chappy in Costa: I love you.

Overzealous security guards: I love you.

Harried execs in the lift: I love you.

Excitable hipsters: I love you.

Single mum who was up all night and still in work first thing: I love you.

Breakfasters at your desks: I love you.

Media lovies in Pret: I love you.

Pink-kneed jogging boot-campers braving the frost: I love you.

Whoever gritted the piazza this morning: I love you.

Clanking, tooting trams to anywhere: I love you.

Cold sparkle-sun on water: I love you.

New development under construction: I love you;

I love whatever you’re going to be.

Lone magpie, high in the sky, the wind at your back, free:

I salute you.

I love you.


(Inspired by Jarvis Cocker’s moving tribute to Paris after the 2015 terror attacks: