According to chaos theory – the butterfly effect –

the tiniest movement of anything – even your mouth, your hand –

can cause huge, unintended consequences

to ripple throughout the land.


Depending on which side

you butter your bread,

there’s a chance it might cause all the postmen in Japan,

several weeks later, to drop down dead.


A father prays into the ear of his newborn as she cries,

neither knowing nor intending that at some point in time

every skydiver in Australia will now cut his own lines.


Golden-ringed fingers turn tarot cards:

The Queen of Wands

The Empress

The Devil

The Fool.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, the air becomes dangerously cool.


A nine-iron strikes a dimpled golf ball,

somewhere near Marrakech.

A cold-blue eye

measures the trajectory of the ball as it flies,

waits for the sound of broken glass.


But it’s impossible to throw dice exactly the same way twice.


It causes instead a tidal wave – a ripple of love – to chase the curve of the earth – fast –

with the unintended consequence that every heart that should never have been broken

can begin to mend at last.