Sometimes I think about the way you looked at me in the morning sometimes

like I was a newborn thing and yours sometimes

I remember your old eyes and sometimes

I often think of what we did with mountains how we walked them sometimes

moved them made love on them one time sometimes

I think of your hand on my waist that first time sometimes

it was nice sometimes

and once when I painted your toenails blue and sometimes

I think of the blue paint in the attic room and in my hair sometimes

we whispered sometimes

in bed about all we were ever going to do someday sometimes

me, you, I loved you with a passion sometimes

all my mouth could think of was the taste of you sometimes

I couldn’t breathe sometimes

you touched my face and it was raining and sometimes

it felt right sometimes

I will never forget sometimes

I’m sorry sometimes

for the way it all ended –

you were nice sometimes –

the love of my life sometimes.