Our cat used to sleep in the shed. We’d let him out every morning and he’d go back in there every night. I don’t know why the cat would sleep in the shed. I think he liked it in there. Paws, he was called.

We always had eccentric pets. Maybe we were a bit eccentric too. When I went away to university, my mum swiftly replaced me with a baby goat, called Ellie Mae, which she bottle fed in the garden. I don’t know what Paws made of it.

When I was about 15, my parents went away for the night and left me alone in the house. I was supposed to let the cat out of the shed, but I was so busy snogging boys, I completely forgot.

I remembered as soon as they walked in. ‘The cat!’ I flew to the shed and threw open the door, afraid of what I might find.

I was in trouble.

The cat was fine.