I haven’t been on my own the whole time since my divorce, you know. I’ve had a few … oh, I don’t know what to call them. Loverrrs? But I’m not writing about that. I’m writing about sheds.

I do have to mention one of them briefly, however, because he built a shed in my back yard. To keep the bikes in that we were going to ride together …

… Once I’d learned how to ride a bike properly. Yep.

I was really going to do that.

It was a nice summer. We’d curl up together in the evenings, the three of us, and read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The shed lived in pieces in my dining room for several months, crawling with spiders, before he got down to it. Then he built it one weekend. I wrote on Facebook that it was the most beautiful shed I’d ever seen.

I’m not on Facebook anymore.

Now the shed has a sagging roof that fills with rain and fallen ripe cherries. My cat, Ginger, likes to sit up there when the sun shines.

At night, she comes inside.